Serving Central Florida with Day & Night Worship and Intercession

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Restoration Ministry

The restoration ministry exist to strengthen men, women and marred couples through the daily challenges of life at any stage of their relationship with the Lord. This is accomplished through biblical guidance, mentoring, referral assistance, and deliverance.

We believe that restoration is achieved through transformation

Fueled by intimacy with God in the furnace of prayer, worship and the word we will:
Provide scripturally base counsel with an aim to help you to walk in the bridal identity.
Provide mentorship opportunities with an aim towards helping others grow in Christ
Help believers get free from the bondages that keeps them from experiencing the fullness of life.

Isaiah 11:2
We consider ourselves Freedom Coaches utilizing Spiritual/Biblical principles in our approach to counseling. Allowing, the Holy Spirit, not the pastoral/lay counselor to be the agent of individual change—provided one cooperates with Him revealing God’s plan for victory in the midst of one’s circumstances.
We also provide pre-marital and martial guidance for our local mission base community

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 “Teamwork makes the dream work”
The Apostle Paul told Timothy one of his spiritual sons to commit the things he had learned from him to other faithful people who would be able to teach others. One form of teaching is mentoring. Our mentors are mature believers who model and assist others in doing the same through one on one relationships.

Intensive Weekends
You are not alone many Christians after their new birth experience hindrances from the pass. We believe the answer is a spiritual bath. Being set apart in the presence of God where His love, word and power wash over your spirit, soul and body. We provide this through our Intensive Weekends

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